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Client Relationship Services

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Partners that participate in a Southeast Mortgage transaction have the opportunity to be co-marketed with our Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO). The CRM Team assists MLOs and their Real Estate Partners in taking advantage of future opportunities.

The CRM Team becomes a post-closing resource to support the MLO and their partners with unique marketing material. The CRM Team will keep you in front of your clients for 5 years through 100 points of post-closing contact.

Clients will begin receiving correspondence in as little as 15 days after closing. It consists of personalized thank you cardsbirthday cards, holiday cards and other relevant information to their transaction. The targeted marketing that the CRM Team provides generates business after closing.

The CRM Team is focused on keeping Southeast Mortgage and their partners in the forefront of a client’s mind when they think of home financing and their real estate needs.

Not only will Southeast Mortgage reliably and quickly close transactions, we will also help create referrals and repeat business for our partners.


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Mike, I want to pass on my sincere gratitude in helping my family and I secure our loan!
By Wendel WIlson

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