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Economic Recovery Top – Low Country View

SEM News, thinkMortgage™: February 6th, 2017

As we move into the eighth year of the recovery, we have a record-high DOW, full commercial flights, busy malls, bustling restaurants, overflowing new car dealer lots and everyone on your street is doing home renovations. Everyone should govern their actions by data rather than the euphoric feel of a recovery. My “low country view” is we all have to navigate the same rivers in a low tide (2011) that we navigate at high tide (today).  Anyone who has been at the helm of a boat knows rivers can be a mundane transit or a harrowing experience depending on tide and weather. No matter the size of your boat, the outcome is the same.

The safe river is clearly defined by the regulations and directives of our elected officials, Fannie, Freddie, FHA and VA products. Yes, FHA has some low-score parameters and should be carefully ingested given low scores correlate to higher default and delinquency.  Prudence dictates moderation and sell to client need which is always a fiduciary’s safe path for industry participants and clients at all tides.

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